We offer accommodations with a one month minimum stay.

             the majority of our guests stay longer than two months.

             We do not consider any discounts for stays shorter than six



A.    We provide a quiet and peaceful environment for our guests and expect that our guests self-select and act accordingly.  Guests speak softly in the hallways and do not play music or TV at high volumes.

B.    The apartments are either Studio or small One Bedroom apartments and are not leased to more than two people and the occasional guest. Guests are not permitted to host gatherings in excess of two additional visitors. For example: a couple (two people) who invites two others over for dinner would be in compliance with this guideline. 

C.   For the health and safety of our guests, there is a strict non-smoking policy.  Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises – this includes inside the apartment, on the fire escape, on the front steps of the building or within 10’ of the bottom of the front steps.  This policy also extends to any type of E- cigarette or vaporizer.

D.   For the safety of our guests, WE DO NOT ALLOW BURNING CANDLES, incense, paper or any other item.  We consider these items to be fire hazards and STRICTLY PROHIBIT their use.  We reserve the right to ask to leave if they do not respect this safety requirement.

E.    This is a pet-free facility – and pets are not allowed on the premises.  If you wish to see furry friends, please visit them outside of the building. 

F.    Please leave any bicycles outside of the building – they are not allowed in the front hallways or apartments.

G.   There is a coin operated washer and dryer located on the top floor. Please respect the posted guidelines and do not run the machine past 10 pm and before 8 am.


A.    We take a lot of pride in our property and have put a lot of care into maintaining our units and the furnishings in clean, working order.  If something in your apartment is missing, or is damaged in any way please inform us.  We will do our best to replace or repair it as soon as possible. 

B.    We do not charge our guests for accidental damage to housewares.  Please let us know if you find a broken or defective item, or if something is broken during your stay.  We would rather you tell us so we can replace it, than find it ourselves and not have a replacement available for our next guest. 

C.   We want you to have a sparkling clean apartment, so we request that guests remove their street shoes before walking around in the apartments.  (Shoe covers are also available for your use upon request.) This simple gesture keeps our apartments cleaner and gives our guests more peace and quiet. 

D.   We provide mandatory bi-weekly during your stay. Housekeepers clean the bathroom, kitchen and living areas and change the bedding. We do not remove and replace towels and require guests to launder them independently.

E.    This is your home while you are with us – so we hope that you will keep your apartment as neat and tidy as your own home.  If everybody pitches in, then it will be a better experience for all guests.  To this end, we have provided cleaning products with your apartment and expect guests to perform light cleaning.  This includes: keeping the floor swept or dry mopped and cleaning up crumbs (we have a larger vacuum available for use, email for instructions), keeping the interiors of the fridge and oven clean and free of grime.  Light cleaning of the bathtub or shower and removing hair from the drain.  Cleaning the windowsills and mantles.  Removing fingerprints from walls and wall plates. 

F.    We have lovely hardwood floors and furniture for everybody to enjoy – to keep the wood looking beautiful; please do not place wet clothing on hardwood floors or furniture.

G.   We have provided plush towels and soft linens for your comfort – use them for their intended purpose and not for cleaning or on the ironing board, or make-up removal. 

H.   An ironing board with a pad has been provided for your use – please do not use towels etc. as a replacement. 

I.      We want to make sure you have a comfortable temperature while you are in the apartment and have a heater and an air conditioner available for your use. Each of these devices is powerful and work really quickly (the air conditioner can be set on a timer).  Please unplug the heater and turn off the air conditioner when you are leaving the building. 

J.     When you leave the residence, turn out the lights and shut off the running water. 

K.    Trash removal is provided by the City of Boston and trash can be placed on the sidewalk after 5 pm on Monday and Thursday. Recycling can be placed in a clear bag for pick-up on the same schedule. Store bags can not be used for trash.

L.    Upon move-out we expects guests to remove their trash and strip the bed of their linens. We provide exit cleaning and clean everything in the apartment in anticipation of the next guest.